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With the global events of the first few months of 2020, life has changed rapidly. Now more than ever, we need our yoga and meditation practice to build our strength and resilience – to find inner peace and calm and to connect to our Warrior within, to each other and to Mother Earth.

Looking after ourselves and our loved ones with compassion, a daily practice contributes to our health and wellbeing, grounds and connects us physically, spiritually and mentally.

Dharma Cottage Yoga on the Road and NOW Online, offers an ever growing library of yoga, meditation and pranayama practices for all the family to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We will be adding classes weekly to ensure, over time, there will be a class to suit everyone from Yoga Virgins (beginners) to experienced Yogi’s.

Setting up your Practice Space

It’s important to create and maintain a strong energetic space for you to practice yoga and meditation. A small area is all that is required. Remember the more you use your space, the higher the vibration.

  • Choose an area free from foot traffic and other distractions.
  • Create and maintain an altar on a small table to include statues, incense, candles, mala’s, books, crystals, photos – any item that you may feel a spiritual connection to.
  • This altar is an external representation of your inner altar – a sacred place where you sit down to be with you.
  • Find a time that suits you and your schedule. Try to establish a consistent practice, while being gentle on yourself if you cant be there at your regular time.
  • You may like to take some time before your online practice to just ‘be’ in your space, lay down or practice some pranayama (Yogic Breath).

Items you may need

  • Yoga mat, block, bolster and belt
  • Meditation Shawl or blanket
  • Eye pillow
  • Comfortable non-restrictive breathable clothing

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Warning & Disclaimer

Please Note!

Before embarking on any practice, please make sure you are able to do so. Check with your doctor, or health care professional, before starting any yoga practice.

The guidance given in these classes are of a general nature. If it doesn’t feel right, then back out of the pose to where you feel a level of discomfort but never any pain.

While care has been taken in compiling the guidance in this site, we can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from your practice of yoga. When you are not sure of any aspect of the practice, or feel un-well, please seek medical advice.